We sell Cargo Containers for all of your needs!

Our Used 20 & 40 Foot WWT Containers:

  • Surface Rust, Dents, Gouges, Scratches, Scuffs, and Dinks
  • Faded Paint
  • Patch Work and Repairs
  • Welding Repairs
  • Imperfect Roof Pits
  • Imperfect Roof Bows
  • Interior Scratches, Scuffs, Dents, Gouges, and Patchwork
  • Floor Markings, Scratches, Gouges, and Patchwork
  • Floor Delamination
  • Doors May Not Open/Swing Efficiently and Require Some Lubrication/Work

Our Used 20 & 40 Foot Cargo Worthy Containers:

Cargo-Worthy containers may also have a longer lifespan due to their considerably better condition. Of course, there may also be a significant price difference between the two for the same reason. While Cargo-Worthy containers are ready to be certified for international shipping service, WWT containers may require additional repairs before receiving certifications, while this is not always the case. Choosing between a Cargo-Worthy and a WWT container typically comes down to the budget, usage plans and longevity goals of the buyer.

Our 40 foot High Cube Containers:

These containers come in both WWT, Cargo Worthy, and New.

What is a High Cube Container?

A High Cube Container is typically 1 foot taller than a standard container. It also weighs approximately 500 more lbs.

Our New (One-Trip) Containers:

These Containers are available in all of the 3 sizes shown above. They are also available as CW (Cargo Worthy).

What is a One-Trip Container?

This is typically a container that was shipped one time, and typically from China.

 They were loaded with a single cargo and transported overseas, unloaded, and are now as-new storage containers for sale.

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